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This month's Featured Model

Amanda Smith


My name is Amanda Smith. I was born and raised in California, signed with Photogenics models in 2011 and now also signed by Next Miami, Heffner Washington, WM Paris, and Why Not Milan. I am a single mom with a 6 year old little girl, and started freelance modeling when I was pregnant as a means to try and support the baby. I also do acting, music and clothing design, my Instagram is @amandaphotogenics, music name is Phreckle$ and clothing line website is www.etsy.com/shop/creatorsforacause. I have always been an animal lover-- when I was a kid and I found any lost dogs I would get them and have my mom call the owner and stay with them and love them until their owner came to get them. I love animals because they have unconditional love. I'm single and was cuddling my brothers pitbull the other night and thinking to myself, how great is this? So much better than a boyfriend, she doesn't want money, she doesn't want sex, all she wants is for me to love her and she loves me right back. I often think humans could learn a thing or two about love from our furry friends. I think it's important to adopt animals from the rescues and more importantly the shelters. Humans who are executed are usually the most violent and biggest crime-committing humans. Animals on the other hand who are executed on a daily basis have often done absolutely nothing wrong, other than to exist. I think this is a huge injustice and truly a tragedy. It is my hope that I can save some of these animals through my work with Models N Mutts 


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